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Day 1 in England trip March 2018

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Our journey started with the group meeting at Gare Du Nord early in the morning. Most of us were really excited because it was their first time going to England. For those who had been there before they were really just happy to go back. The teachers told us to get ready and right after we were boarding on the train that will take us to London St Pancras. On the train we shoot a few interviews with some of the students,asking them their impressions, expectations,… After a ride that lasted an hour and a half we finally arrived. We had a quick lunch break then got back on the road for Brighton this time. We were on that train for an hour and a half and around 2:30 pm we made it to Portslade where we met up with a cricket coach that introduced us to cricket ! We had to walk all the way up to the park with our suitcases which seemed to be a really long and troublesome trip. Still, our group had fun playing the British sport until 6pm. Finally, our host families came to pick us up. We were all exhausted and more than for the day to end.

-Angelique Kilic,TL, March 27. 2018


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