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Philharmonie de Paris

I will tell you about the exhibit called « Comédies musicales », which takes place in the « Philharmonie » on December 13. 2018.

In this exhibit we learn about musicals, their history, how they are made and the impact on society…

The first thing that we see entering the exhibition is a wall of all the successful musicals of the world.

Then there is an extract of ‘Singing in the Rain’.

This extract explains that the musical ‘Singing in the Rain’ inspired many movies because it is the most successful musical in the world.

We also learn that musicals arrived with the first talking movie, ‘The Jazz Singer’.

It started having a huge success in the 1930s because people wanted to forgot all the problem of the world and have a good time watching musicals. And they still do. Today, this type of film still has much success with movies like ‘La La Land’ and others movies from Disney. Of course, we see that dance numbers can be more spectacular in movies thanks to the camera.

But you can also have fun at the exhibition!

You can take a class of tap dancing with a video. You can see a replica of the dress used in ‘Peau d’âne’, as well as the explanation of how a dancer can dance on the ceiling in a movie.

For me, that exhibit was really funny but the information that we are given is a little basic.

That’s all for today. Goodbye!

Edgar, 1S3

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